Black Comic Lords (BCL)

Adventures of Black Eldridge: The Panther

Issue:The Adventures of Black Eldridge: The Panther

Year: 1970


  • One of the most difficult black comic books to find.
  • Published in 1970 by Marcus Books, a historic Bay Area independent bookshop which specialized in Afro-centric books and merchandise, this extremely provocative comic book by artist Ovid P. Adams, features the exploits of Black Panther Minister of Information Eldridge Cleaver.  The story begins with Cleaver exiled in Algeria, reading story after story of crimes perpetrated against American Blacks in the newspaper. One man’s plight, laid out in particular detail, affects Cleaver deeply and prompts him to action: the shooting of a Black artist by a white racist in Utah. Cleaver leaves Algeria and enters the U.S. covertly, and the story concludes with Cleaver exacting his vengeance.

Credit to Rico Jones (IG – Blackkeycomics) for info on this book.