Black Comic Lords (BCL)

Infinity Gauntlet #1 and #2 (1:25 variants)

Issue: Infinity Gauntlet # 1,2    (1:25 variants)                   

Year: 2015

Infinity Gauntlet 1 1:25 is a dope cover of Nova Eve Bakian.

  • The first appearance of the Bakian Clan.
  • This issue is the first cover appearance of a Black superhero “nuclear family” (father, mother, child).
  • The Bakian family are all members of the Nova Corps. This is the rare 2nd print variant, they also appear on the first print cover issue as well, but they are small and slightly silhouetted.
  • This particular cover is more attractive because each family member is extremely visible and salient. We are aware of no other black nuclear family (father, mother, child) superhero cover that predates this issue.
    Credit to Rico Jones (IG – Blackkeycomics) for info on this book.


Infinity Gauntlet #2 1:25 is a dope cover of Anwen Bakian.

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