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Wizard Magazine #131

Issue: Wizard Magazine #131

Year: 2002
Significance: This magazine contains an  Isaiah Bradley cover picture and internal preview that precedes his first comic book cover and internal appearance in Truth: Red, White and Black #1 .

There are 2 versions of the cover for this magazine.  One features Isaiah Bradley and the other (see bottom) contains a small picture of Isaiah in the bottom right corner.

Reasons for controversy:
Both the magazine cover and inside article clearly state that Isaiah Bradley was the “First Captain America”.  The article draws from direct interviews with “Truth” editor Axel Alonzo and Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada.  However,  the Truth: Red,White, and Black series actually establishes Isaiah as a recipient of an experimental

serum in a govt attempt to re-create the original serum used on Steve Rogers.  So the obvious question is why does this magazine call Isaiah the First Captain America?

Here are 2 possibilities:
1. Wizard simply got it wrong: The article author misunderstood or drew incorrect conclusions from his interviews with the2 editors.

2. Change of Plans: Sometime after this article was published, the planned storyline was changed in ord

er for Steve Rogers to maintain his mantle as the “First Captain America”.  In fact, Both Wizard magazine and an NPR Interview with “Truth” editor Axel Alonso mention the backlash and pressure from people who were not happy about the new narrative around the Captain America story.


Some additional commentary on  Truth: Red, White, and Black #1 book can be found at

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