Black Comic Lords (BCL)

World’s Finest Comics #17

Issue: World’s Finest Comics #17

Year: 1945


  • This is the very first time that Black characters appeared in a book which also featured solo stories of Superman and Batman.
  • Towards the end of WW II, DC comics published a solo story dedicated to the millions of Black soldiers who were serving in the armed forces. The story focused on a black (negro) field artillery battalion stationed in France fighting against Hitler’s Germany. This feature was not only created as a call against discrimination, but to educate Americans that while Blacks are being discriminated at home, many of their fathers and sons are sacrificing their lives for this country. Most importantly, this story addresses how Black soldiers were treated when they returned home.  This may be one of the most disruptive moments in comic book history. World’s Finest Comics 17 was also the last cardboard cover issue.

Credit to Rico Jones (IG – Blackkeycomics) for info on this book.